Inspiring Humans it is a series of portraits I dedicate to all the people I know in person and I’m deeply moved and inspired by them and for what they do.
For the first portrait of the series I present you my twin brother Carlos Fierro. He’s a bass player whose persistence, love and zen attitude has led him to create music and play shows since 1991. Carlos has been playing in different musical genres like grindcore, death metal, free improv, free jazz, rock and noise for more than two decades. What inspire me constantly it is his determination to continue his career no matter what and at the same time he’s a charismatic, loving, and peaceful human being.
Full Name: Carlos Alejandro Fierro Mendoza.
Year of Birth: 1978.
Sign: Taurus.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Job: Musician, Curator & Promoter.
Tools: Bass Guitar, bass cabinet, bass amplifier, compressor, fuzz, drive, pedal board and vocals.
Interests: Music, friendship, love, ancient knowledge, meditation, traveling, smoking and eating.
Highlights: Carlos is an active musician who’s vital contribution to Mexico independent and underground scene has been a driven force to the music community for more than two decades.
Featured Past Bands: Sarcastic, Torax, Stalaktos, Oblique Quartet and Amuf Atom.
Featured Current Bands: Agentes de Destrucción, Descenso, Andriano - Fierro Dúo and Pulsation.
Featured Music Festivals: Festival Nrmal and Festival Aural.
*Note: All this information was given by a person on an interview and the interpretation or description of the human being presented emerge within my own point of view yet with previous authorization of the subject.
The tools I used for this series are: Adobe Photoshop & Wacom Intuos.
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Detail 1
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Detail 2
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Detail 3
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – 13" X 8.6"
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Iteration 1
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Iteration 2
Inspiring Humans – Carlos Fierro  – Iteration 3

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